u lucky he holdin me back


u lucky he holdin me back

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Happy Octoberween!

The perfect fusion of snake… and more snake!

Dr Ophion

Science Train is at 75% completion

I did it I finally pulled off the reverse of the “Actually a very tiny person in a large suit/armour”

Everytime someone says “Lets bring back oldling” I skreee


Fact: This is a first person shooter.

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Angry April is fun to draw

I like drawing cartoon biting plants

The backbone of my first army were ambulatory cartoon flytraps







I’m not alone. 

…I’m never alone.

Every person needs to reboot this

They are VerY real

The people I’ve met over the web and are great friends with, hell, even one is my boyfriend, are more fucking real than most of the people I meet on a daily basis in “reality”.

relationships established online are real and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

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ProfessorLizzard: "American football (known as football in the United States and gridiron in some other countries) " GRIDIRON
ProfessorLizzard: that is a rather metal sounding name for a sport
ProfessorLizzard: oh wait grid iron is just a kind of grill
ProfessorLizzard: I wonder why is it called like that
Collen: because the grill's grid is made of iron
ProfessorLizzard: oh I see
ProfessorLizzard: because the arena looks like a grill grid
ProfessorLizzard: but when do they turn on the heat under it
Collen: when the match is over and it's time to incinerate all who remain
ProfessorLizzard: good